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The novel coronavirus has introduced remote work into almost every industry. From telemedicine to television production, virtual workspaces are everywhere. These accommodations are not a temporary trend. CBRE, a leader in commercial real estate, reports an overwhelming consensus that flexible offices are a permanent disruption to the status quo—even before COVID-19 happened. People want jobs that offer them flexibility in not only their schedules but their ability to work from home. 


Zillow reports that remote work is a major factor in home-buying, with young workers making longterm financial decisions to purchase or renovate their homes to better accommodate remote work. Learning how to work remotely while still being a collaborative team player is easy with a few beginner tips.


Tools of the Trade


For some, remote work is a new frontier. For many, it is a well-established part of their daily grind. To stay in touch with your team, try leaning on the many online tools available. Zoom, Google Hangouts, even Facebook Rooms can be utilized for “face-to-face” virtual meetings. Slack leads the way with real-time chat for colleagues staying in constant contact. If your team manages large or varied programs, online project management tools like Basecamp or are a great place to start.


Reimagine Routines


One of the most difficult transitions to remote work is the interruption in daily routines. Remote workers have to consider what works best for them by creating new routines that fit their new workplace. Scheduling team meetings first and last thing each day allows members to get started on the right foot each morning and encourages them to remain productive throughout the day. Creating quiet workstations helps minimize distractions. Even simple steps, like setting up an electric kettle in the office rather than becoming distracted by dirty dishes in the kitchen, will help keep workers on task.


All Work and No Play?


Teamwork means maintaining good relationships with peers. Investing time in team-building activities can foster as much productivity as a meeting. Opportunities are everywhere for virtual trivia games, remote movie nights, and online escape rooms so colleagues can enjoy each other beyond their shared workday.


Even in a post-pandemic world, remote collaboration is here to stay. Workers only improve their marketability by mastering the best practices now and learning how remote teamwork helps not only the individual but the company as a whole.