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Leading during uncertain times is no easy task. As human beings, we often crave consistency and predictability. During uncertain times, the only thing that is consistent is uncertainty. A strong leader will do their best to provide their teammates with the strong voice that they need to make it through uncertain times.


Find Something Stable

The first step to successfully leading during uncertain times is to find something that is stable to focus on. Something that should be certain during all uncertain times is the company’s vision and purpose. This is something that the team can easily focus on in even the most uncertain times. If the team is still struggling, have them reflect on their own core visions and values and see how those align with those of the company. This is a great exercise that the whole team can do together to regain their stability.


Live with the Unknown

It is no doubt that this one is easier said than done. Sometimes when uncertain times linger in our lives, we have to learn to just go with the flow. This can be especially difficult for those who crave a consistent routine. As a leader, you can do your best to provide some sort of structure when at all possible, while still encouraging the team members to take the uncertainty in stride.


Don’t Forget to Take Action

Sometimes as leaders and team members, we get so caught up in the fact that the unknown is present that we forget that in order to make a change, an action has to happen! For this reason, it is important that the entire team remembers that even in uncertain times, every situation has both positives and negatives. Additionally, there will be new opportunities that arise even during uncertain times.


The fear of mistakes often keeps teams from taking action during uncertain times. As a leader, it is critical that you encourage your team to take the leap of faith. Remind them that mistakes are inevitable. There usually is not any chance of a reward without a bit of risk involved. Be sure you’re providing the team with the tools that they need to make informed decisions about risks and rewards during uncertain times.